Pakistan lauds India’s relief efforts in quake-hit Nepal

Rajat Kain

nawazPakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif called up PM Narendra Modi lauding India’s effort in rescue and relief operations in Nepal. More than 6,000 people are killed so far, while thousands battle severe wounds. India too suffered casualties with more than 70 people dying in Bihar, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh.

On Thursday morning, Pakistan premier Nawaz Sharif called up Prime Minster Narendra Modi, expressing condolences on the lives lost and praising the efforts made by India to help out Nepal in its deep crises.

“Got a call from PM Nawaz Sharif. He expressed condolences on the loss of lives in various parts of India due to the Earthquake…PM Nawaz Sharif appreciated India’s efforts in the rescue operations in Nepal. I thank him for his kind words”, the Prime Minister tweeted on his personal Twitter handle.

The Prime Minister also tweeted about the suggestion he gave to his Pakistan counterpart on taking initiatives to conduct joint exercises for combating any disaster by natural calamity.

“Suggested to PM Sharif that SAARC nations should conduct regular joint exercises on disaster relief & rescue…SAARC Nations can come together & hold annual exercises of rescue teams, doctors etc on how we can minimise damage during natural disasters”, he tweeted.

Devastated by the strong 7.9-magnitude earthquake on Saturday, Nepal has suffered massive loss of lives and properties. The Prime Minister of Nepal Sushil Koirala has expressed his apprehensions of losing more than 10,000 lives as many continue to be critical. The rescue and aid work too is facing logistic difficulty due to rough weather. Many areas outside the capital city of Kathmandu are still waiting for help and assistance. Destroyed roads, thin communication network and lack of electricity on a difficult terrain continue to pose challenges to the relief workers.

While many buildings in the city, including the heritage sites, have been razed and rescue teams are still looking for the survivors.

In its effort to help Himalayan neighbour, India has made an all-out effort in rescue and relief. Many teams of NDRF, army and medical experts have been sent along with vast quantities of drinking water, food, medicines and clothes. Besides, several citizen based initiatives too are chipping in with the help in various spheres.