Parl Session will be full of ‘outcomes': PM Modi

RSTV Bureau

Modi_lokOn the eve of resumption of Budget Session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday voiced hope that it would be full of “outcomes”, noting that the productivity of Parliament has “reached 125 per cent” since his government came to power.

With Parliament set to witness a stormy session over a host of issues, including the controversial land bill, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu asked BJP MPs to be present in their House throughout.

In an apparent swipe at Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi over his absence, Naidu told MPs that they should take any “sabbatical” or leave for “introspection” only after the session.

Alluding to disruptions by Congress-led opposition, Modi said, “It is more beneficial if the opposition attacks government, however fierce it may be, inside Parliament.”

Addressing party MPs at a workshop, where they were briefed about the government’s pro-poor measures, Modi noted that they would have received feedback about the Centre’s work, especially budget, and can join the session with more focus.

“In a way the second phase of the session is stronger because MPs come back with more focus. I am sure this half would be full of quality debates and outcomes,” he said.

Citing the poor productivity of Parliament in the last six-seven years before the BJP government came to power, the Prime Minister said they should thank the people again and again because the productivity has gone “up to 125 per cent as they handed over majority to the party”.

In his speech which was otherwise punctuated with potshots at media, Modi thanked the press for maintaining pressure on political parties against disruption in Parliament irrespective of which party is in opposition or power.

He, however, added that the fact that the productivity has gone up so much now has not been highlighted adequately.