Parliament officials to learn French


File photo: Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla (PTI photo)

File photo: Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla (PTI photo)

Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla on tuesday inaugurated a training programme in the French language for Parliament officials.

Om Birla said the efficiency of the officials will improve if they acquire proficiency in another language apart from languages they know.

“In future also, we will organise training programmes in foreign languages for officials. Learning languages will benefit them” Om Birla siad.

Courses will be offered in four foreign languages German, French, Russian and Spanish and may be expanded to cover other languages depending on the level of interest among officials in the Lok Sabha secretariat, according to speaker Om Birla.

“The French language training programme was inaugurated  in the Lok Sabha Secretariat for the purpose of capacity building of officers. Languages connect us. If the officers of the Parliament acquire proficiency in other languages along with their language, then this will increase our efficiency and quality,” Om Birla also said in tweet.

Pointing out that it was important to improve constantly, he added, “Keeping yourself relevant is challenging in today’s fast changing world. Keeping in mind the needs of future, it is necessary to continuously improve ourselves and our work. That should be our goal as well. Soon other languages will also be made part of this innovation My best wishes.”