Parliament passes Bill to protect rights of transgenders

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Rajya Sabha File Photo

Rajya Sabha File Photo

The Rajya Sabha on Tuesday passed a bill on the protection of rights of transgenders after a motion to refer it to a Select Committee of the Upper House was defeated.

The Lok Sabha had passed the Bill on August 5 this year.

The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2019, seeks to provide a mechanism for social, economic and educational empowerment of transgenders and was moved for consideration and passage in the Rajya Sabha by Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Thawar Chand Gehlot on November 20.

The Bill defines a transgender person as one whose gender does not match the gender assigned at birth.  It includes trans-men and trans-women, persons with intersex variations, gender-queers, and persons with socio-cultural identities, such as kinnar and hijra.

The Bill prohibits the discrimination against a transgender person, including denial of service or unfair treatment in relation to education, employment, healthcare, access to, or enjoyment of goods, facilities, opportunities available to the public, right to movement, right to reside, rent, or otherwise occupy property, opportunity to hold public or private office and access to a government or private establishment in whose care or custody a transgender person is.

The bill provides for a certificate of identity for a transgender person. A transgender person may make an application to the District Magistrate for a certificate of identity, indicating the gender as ‘transgender’.

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