PM asks DRDO to complete projects in time

SansadTV Bureau

modi_pmAgainst the backdrop of delays in several of its major projects, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told DRDO on Wednesday to speed up and complete its programmes in time as the world will not wait for it.

Urging the country’s only defence research agency to give more opportunities to the youth, the Prime Minister suggested that DRDO should take initiatives in projects which would help in easing the lives of the armed forces personnel.

“The time demands . . . the world will not wait for us. We have to run ahead of time. That is why whatever we do; we should try hard to do it before time. It should not be so that a project is conceived in 1992 and in 2014 (we say) it will take some more time. The world will go ahead,” Modi said in his address to DRDO in its award function.

The Prime Minister said technology in defence sector was changing fast and even before we conceptualise a system, “products which are two steps ahead come in the market and we are left behind.”

“That is why the challenge before India is that how do we complete work before time. If the world is coming up with some products in 2020, can we come in the field prepared with products in 2018,” he said.

PM said that the, “DRDO has to decide whether it has to respond to the situation or it has to be proactive and set agenda for the world and we have to set agenda for the global committee. . . We can be the world leader by not following but by showing the way.”

He said it was not that India lacked the talent pool but “I think there is this ‘chalta hai’ (lackadaisical) attitude”.

Several DRDO projects such as the Light Combat Aircraft Tejas, Nag missile, Long-range Surface-to-Air missile project and the Airborne Early Warning and Control System projects have been delayed by many years and seen several cost overruns.

Drawing parallels between his government and the DRDO, the Prime Minister said, “People say that Modiji, we have lot of hopes and expectations from your government. People will have hopes from people who work as nobody would have hopes from people who don’t do anything. I have hopes from DRDO because I know that DRDO has the capability to perform.”

Seeking to give more responsibilities to the youth, the Prime Minister urged the DRDO to make provisions that in five out of its 52 labs people with only less than 35 years of age are employed and the power of ultimate decision-making is also vested in them.

“Lets us take a bold decision by giving the youth an opportunity. We will tell them that the world is going ahead, you show us (the way). The youth is highly capable and it can deliver. 20-25 year old youth would do very well in cyber security area as they are oriented towards that and the results will be very good,” he said.

PM Modi also called upon DRDO to engage actively with identified universities for exchange and spread of values and ideas from one generation to another – “sanskar sankraman” (percolation of scientific culture).

He also suggested that a special robot competition be conducted, dedicated to defence matters only to encourage the youth to think in the field of defence technology.