PM Modi congratulates Indian squad for their performance at Special Olympics World Summer Games


Special Olympics 2019 (Twitter Photo)

Special Olympics 2019 (Twitter Photo)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday congratulated the Indian squad for the Special Olympics World Summer Games at Abu Dhabi for winning a record number of medals.

Today is a proud day for India as the country’s contingent won a historic 368 medals, including 85 golds, he said. “Congratulations to all the medalists. Their fortitude and accomplishments inspire millions,” the prime minister tweeted.

The Indian team of 284 athletes also clinched 154 silver and 129 bronze medals in its highly successful campaign at the prestigious event, which was held from March 14 to 21.

Indian powerlifters bagged the maximum number of medals, 20 gold, 33 silver and 43 bronze. Roller Skating earned India 49 medals, 13 gold, 20 silver and 16 bronze.

In cycling, the Indians won 11 gold, 14 silver and 20 bronze to total 45 medals, while the country’s track and field athletes returned with 39 medals, 5 gold, 24 silver and 10 bronze.