PM Modi on demonetisation survey: 93 % back Govt move

RSTV Bureau
PM Modi tweets results of the demonetisation survey that was conducted on the Narendra Modi App.

PM Modi tweets results of the demonetisation survey that was conducted on the Narendra Modi App.

A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the survey to gauge people’s response on the government’s currency ban, the PM announced that the survey revealed a historic response.
Even as PM Modi said 93% of the respondents backed the government, the opposition called the survey manufactured.

“I thank people for the historic participation in the survey. It’s satisfying to read the insightful views & comments,” the Prime Minister tweeted along with the results of the survey conducted on Narendra Modi App.

“Unprecedented response to App Survey, record number of citizens share their view,” said the title of a write-up on whose link was shared by the Prime Minister on his twitter account.

Tweeting the results of the survey that said 93 percent of the five lakh people who participated in the last 24 hours have supported the move, the PM said the response has been unprecedented

“As high as 86 per cent people believe that some so- called anti-corruption activists are now actually batting in support of black money, corruption and even terrorist financing!”, the write-up said.
Only 2 per cent rated the move as ‘very poor’ or ‘one star’, the survey result said.

The survey result was read out by IT and Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad at Cabinet meeting on Wednesday evening, prompting the Prime Minister to say that it “reflects the mood” of the people.

On Tuesday, PM Modi had sought the people’s feedback on demonetisation following sustained opposition criticism over its implementation and its intent. He had put up a survey of 10 questions on the Narendra Modi app.

Meanwhile, Opposition parties continue to question the credibility of the survey calling it manufactured. The Congress stated that the questions were rhetorical in nature, leaving no room to disagree.

“Modi Govt manufactures yet another lie through self serving survey on DeMonetisation. You can’t fool people of India through such gimmicks (sic)…PM Modi should have taken the opinion of people before declaring demonetisation. He should have consulted with the experts as well, said Congress leader Randeep Surjewala.

“A trumped up survey, manufactured questions & pre-fabricated answers by blind bhakts. Who cares for pain of common Indian?(sic)” Surjewala lashed out on twitter.

NCP’s Majid Memon also questioned the survey itself.

“This app survey is misleading and is uncalled for. What is the guarantee that the number found for the PM is voluntary and not under compulsion,” said Memon.

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