PM’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ focuses on crop insurance

RSTV Bureau
File Photo: PTI

File Photo: PTI

In his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’, PM Modi highlighted the benefits of the recently announced crop insurance scheme. He also spoke about Start-Up India campaign and his government’s efforts to popularise Khadi.

In the 16th edition of the radio programme, PM Modi said that farmers will benefit if awareness about the crop insurance scheme is spread across the country. He also hoped that at least 50 per cent of the farmers will join the scheme within the next two years.

“In (the New Year) 2016, the central government has given a big gift to the farmers — Pradhan Mantri Crop Insurance Scheme. This scheme has been brought not for the purpose that it should be praised or the Prime Minister should be hailed,” the PM said in his radio address.

Adding that the scheme is only aimed at giving the farmer security in the wake of any crisis including natural calamity, the PM appealed to the citizens to spread the word about the scheme among farmers.

The Prime Minister then went on to say that over the years there has been much talk about crop insurance but “not more than 20-25 per cent” of Indian farmers have been able to benefit from such schemes.

“Can we take a pledge that we should connect at least 50 per cent of the farmers to this scheme in two years? I need this help from you. Because if a farmer joins the scheme, he will get huge help during a natural calamity,” PM Modi appealed.

Praising the scheme which was launched earlier this month, PM Modi said that the newly formulated scheme will get “wide acceptability” because the scheme was made easy and yet kept extensive.

“It involves use of technology. Not just that, if anything happened to the crop within 15 days after harvest, even then help was assured,” announced the PM.

Use of technology will ensure speedy assessment and disbursement of compensation, he added.

“The biggest thing is that the rate of premium has been kept low…The rate of premium for Kharif crop has been kept 2 per cent while for Rabi crop it is one-and-a-half per cent,” said the PM.

The PM also referred to the ‘Start-Up India’ scheme rolled out on January 16 and said that it was a misconception that the scheme was limited to only those in the IT sector. He went on to explain how there were enormous opportunities under the programme in several sectors, including farming. He then cited the some examples of farming start-ups in Sikkim, which was recently declared an Organic State.

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