PM mocked U’khand tragedy, Rahul charges Modi’s speech

Rajat Kain

Meerut: Rahul Gandhi addresses an election rally in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, Feb 7, 2017. Photo - PTI

Meerut: Rahul Gandhi addresses an election rally in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, Feb 7, 2017.
Photo – PTI

Targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech in Lok Sabha, Congress party vice president Rahul Gandhi raised several questions circling the demonetisation decision. Earlier in the day, replying to the debate on Motion of Thanks to the President’s Address, Modi severely criticised the Congress party over its repeated opposition to the demonetisation move.

“Amount of black money recovered after 8th November, 2016? Economic loss to the nation and number of jobs lost? How many people died due to demonetisation, has the compensation being paid?,” Gandhi asked in a series of questions posted by him on his official Twitter handle.

“Who all did PM consult on demonetisation? Why were experts, economists, RBI not consulted? Who all deposited more than 25 lakhs in bank accounts, in six months preceding 8th November 2016?,” he sought to know further.

Rahul Gandhi and Congress party, besides other opposition parties have been on a forefront in taking on Modi government’s move to ban Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes.

Dubbing the government decision as anti-poor and anti-farmer, the Opposition has raised protest in both the houses of Parliament in the Winter session that soon followed Modi’s November 8 surprise announcement.

President Narendra Modi replying to the debate on President's address to the Parliament, February 07, 2017.

President Narendra Modi replying to the debate on President’s address to the Parliament, February 07, 2017.

Besides, demonetisation, Rahul Gandhi also criticised Prime Minister remarks where he had referred to the earthquake last night, that was seen as a veiled dig at the Congress party.

“The Prime Minister mocks the tragedy of Uttarakhand & insults the freedom struggle but has no answers to the opposition’s questions,” his official twitter handle carried his reaction.

In his opening remarks in the reply to the debate in Lok Sabha, Prime Minister has said, “Main soch raha tha ki bhukamp aaya kyon? Jab koi scam mein bhi sewa ka bhaav dekhta hai, namrata ka bhaav dekhta hai, tab maa nahin dharti maa bhi bhavuk ho jhaati hai aur tab bhukamp aata hai…

In his speech, Modi also took on the Congress party over array of issues including several alleged irregularities like coal allocation and spectrum during Manmohan Singh government.

Attacking the incumbent further, Gandhi commented “Neem Hakeem Khatra-e-Jaan” attaching the tweet from Prime Minister’s official twitter handle, which said, “When can you have an operation? When the body is healthy. The economy was doing well and thus our decision was taken at the right time” quoting the PM.

In Lok Sabha, strongly defending the demonetisation decision, Modi countered opposition’s allegations of causing ripples in the economy saying this was the right time as economy is well in place to absorb the short-term shock. We couldn’t have taken decision when the economy was slow, the Prime Minister had said.