PM Modi on climate pact: Climate justice wins in Paris

RSTV Bureau

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has welcomed the historic climate change accord in Paris which was an-modidopted late on Saturday.

“Outcome of #ParisAgreement has no winners or losers. Climate justice has won & we are all working towards a greener future,” PM Modi tweeted.

“#ClimateChange remains a challenge but #ParisAgreement demonstrates how every nation rose to the challenge, working towards a solution…Deliberations at #COP21 & #ParisAgreement demonstrates the collective wisdom of world leaders to mitigate climate change,” the PM said in a series of tweets while highlighting the legally-binding pact which seeks to limit global warming to “well below” 2 degrees Celsius.

The pact also incorporates that developed nations will commit USD 100 billion a year from the year 2020 to help developing countries like India, pursue clean economic growth.

Overall, most of India’s demands have been met in the final agreement signed by 195 countries.

India had consistently advocated that the path to climate ambition should be paved with equity, and the accord has recognised it, said Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always espoused cause of sustainable lifestyle and climate justice. Both have found mention in the preamble of the text…That is an important achievement for India. These two concepts were put up very forcefully by India in the last one year,” the minister said.

Even though India has hailed the landmark deal, it has also said that the deal could have been more ambitious had the developed nations shouldered more historical responsibilities.

“The actions of developed countries are far below their historical responsibilities and fair shares. We have in the spirit of compromise agreed on a number of phrases in the agreement,” Javadekar said.

“While give and take is normal in negotiations, we are of the opinion that the agreement could have been more ambitious. We share the concern of several friends that this agreement does not put us on the path to prevent temperature rise below 2 degrees,” he added.

However, the minister says that the accord supports developing nations’ right to development and their efforts to harmonise development with environment.

“We are also happy that the agreement differentiates between the actions of developed and developing countries across its elements,” Javadekar said.

Asked if compromises were done, Javadekar said the need was to be “accommodative” without changing the thrust of the agreement.

“Paris is an absolute success. It is a great victory for humanity. We have been successful to keep our national interest alive, at the same time to arrive at a compromise, we proactively engaged with the world and ensured that on small differences, we worked together and now there is this agreement,” he said.

Krishnan Pallassana, India Executive Director of the group said, “This deal positively reflects on India’s contribution to the collective global commitment – balancing responsibilities and capabilities on one hand, with aspirations and needs on the other.”

(With inputs from PTI)