PM concludes Constitution debate in Rajya Sabha

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Rajya-Sabha-Chair,-Hamid-Ansari,-Secretary-General,-Master-Shot,-Rajya-Sabha---Nov-27,-2015The discussion on ‘Commitment to India’s Constitution’ concluded in the Upper House on Tuesday with PM Modi’s reply. At the end of PM’s concluding comments, the House unanimously passed a resolution in the matter.

In the day-long discussion, a united Opposition upped the ante against the government in the Upper House. The government faced the attack on the issue of intolerance and controversial remarks made by some Union Ministers and BJP MPs.

JD(U) leader slammed the BJP over the issue of Hindu Rashtra, citing the low representation of Muslims in political and constitutional posts. He also lashed out at some BJP leaders for their ‘Pakistan’ remarks, reminding them that Indian Muslims did not go to Pakistan during partition despite having the option.

“Not a single Muslim is holding a Speaker’s post in any state assembly, said K C Tyagi on the floor of the House.

Trinamool Congress member Derek O’Brien accused the Leader of the House Arun Jaitley of indulging in “cowboy Constitutionalism” on the issue of obstructions in Parliament. He alleged that the government was trying to belittle the importance of the Upper House of Parliament, by claiming that the Upper House dictates to the House of People.

The Finance Minister Arun Jaitley was quick to respond to the allegation.

In a bicameral House of democracy, it’s a debate that is going on all over the world and a discussion about the two Houses is “not cowboy Constitutionalism,” retorted Jaitley.

On the issue of secularism, the TMC leader said the “line separating the fringe and the mainstream was fast blurring” and alleged that voices of divisiveness, which had gone silent for the last 10-12 years, were speaking up again.

Several other regional parties pitched for inclusive development and condemned the atrocities against dalits.

It was PM Modi who concluded the debate on the Constitution. In his reply, the PM lauded the Constitution and stressed on the importance of making the future generations of India aware of the Constitutions’ greatness.

“Our Constitution is not about laws only. It is a social document. We admire these facets of our Constitution,” said PM Modi while praising the Constitution and Babasaheb Ambedkar.

“We have to look for reasons for uniting people…keep promoting unity and harmony,” the PM said in the Upper House.

He also spoke about how the Indian Constitution unites all the citizens of India.

Soon after the PM’s tribute to Ambedkar, the Upper House unanimously passed a resolution reiterating the House’s beliefs in the tenets of the Indian Constitution.

(With inputs from PTI)