PM Modi inaugurates key meet on tiger conservation

RSTV Bureau

Tiger-Surat-ZooOn Tuesday afternoon Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the third Asia ministerial conference on tiger conservation. At the conference all tiger range countries will discuss key issues including anti-poaching strategies.

“More than 700 tiger experts, scientists, managers, donors and other stakeholders are gathering to discuss issues related to tiger conservation,” an official statement said.

Ministers and government officials from all tiger range countries namely Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, India, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Russian Federation, Thailand, Vietnam, besides Kyrgyz Republic and Kazakhstan, having ranges of snow leopard will participate in the conference.

While several tiger range countries like India, Nepal, Russia and Bhutan have registered an increase in tiger population, the status of the wildcat remains “endangered”.

Tigers have been decimated to non-viable level in some range countries, which is a cause for concen.

“We have allotted Rs 380 crore to the Project Tiger in the current fiscal year, which is an all-time high and indicates that the Government of India is committed to the conservation of our national animal ‘Tiger’,” said Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar.

He said that due to the concerted efforts of the government and other stakeholders, more than 70 per cent of the global wild tiger population is in India.

Tiger-attackHe also said that saving the tiger means much more than ecological balance and “it is helping in combating adverse effects of climate change as well”.

Additional Director General (Project Tiger) BS Bonal said that the delegates will discuss all important issues like landscape conservation and habitat management, monitoring protocols, anti-poaching strategy and modern tools and technology for monitoring tigers.

“The countries will report the status and progress of their global or national tiger recovery programme and will come out with a futuristic declaration for tiger conservation,” he said.

During the Global Tiger Summit at St Petersburg held in 2010, tiger range countries committed to double the tiger number by 2022 and adopted the global or national tiger recovery programme.

The conference is being co-organized by the Environment Ministry, National Tiger Conservation Authority, Global Tiger Forum, Global Tiger Initiative Council, Wildlife Institute of India, WWF and Wildlife Conservation Trust.

On Monday, wildlife groups World Wildlife Forum (WWF) and Global Tiger Forum (GTF), global tiger population has shot up for the first time in decades. The number of wild tigers was revised to 3,890 from 3,200 tigers in 2010.

(With inputs from PTI)