PM Modi applauds role of people of Varanasi in helping needy during COVID crisis


PM Modi interacts with Varanasi NGOs

PM Modi interacts with Varanasi NGOs

During the lockdown imposed in view of the COVID pandemic, the residents of Varanasi and members of social organizations, through their own efforts as well as by providing assistance to the District Administration, ensured that food was available timely for everyone in need.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi interacted with representatives of such organizations on Thursday via video conferencing, to discuss their experience and showcase their efforts.

PM Modi said the Central government is trying to provide every kind of facility to the needy people during this corona crisis and around 80 crore people are going to benefit from the schemes which are not just providing free ration but also free cylinders.

PM Modi said that many experts were questioning the capabilities of India to fight with coronavirus  but we proved them wrong. He especially mentioned the achievements of UP and said that the state not only stopped the speed of spread of corona but the recovery rate is also very impressive.

He said that During this corona crisis many religious activities are not happening in Varanasi but Kashi people showed that no one can compete with the spirit of the city and many organizations including government ones worked in tandem to fight with this pandemic.

PM Modi interacted with NGOs in Varanasi also. Representative of HDFC Bank told the Prime minister that they provided ventilators to different hospitals during Lockdown while member of Gayatri Parivar told how they took responsibility for more than 250 children during this period.

During lockdown, more than hundred organizations in Varanasi distributed almost 20 lakh food packets and 2 lakh dry ration kits through the food cell of the District Administration as well as through individual efforts.

Apart from food distribution, these organizations were instrumental in distribution of masks, sanitizers etc. They have been honoured as ‘corona warriors’ by the District Administration.

These organizations serve in diverse fields including education, social, religious, health, hotels/social clubs and other professional sectors.