VIP culture comes to an end as ‘lal batti’ ban kicks in

RSTV Bureau

As the ban on red beacons on VIP cars comes into effect from Monday (May 1), the government is gearing up to conduct surprise inspections at offices to see the implementation of the ban. The Union Cabinet on April 19 approved the ban the use of beacons from May 1.

The ban will apply to all government vehicles, including those used by the Prime Minister, the Chief Ministers, central and state ministers and judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts.



As per government, the ban on the use of red beacons  is aimed at removing the VIP culture from the minds of certain people and replace it with the concept of “Every Person is Important.”

Addressing his 31st radio address to the nation on Sunday a day before the ban comes into effect,   PM Modi said the red beacon had become a symbol of VIP culture which had crept the mindset of those using it.

“It (use of red beacon) had become sort of a symbol of VIP culture. Experience shows that through the red beacon would be used atop a vehicle, gradually the VIP culture would go to the head of those using it and it would lead to a mindset of VIP culture,” the Prime Minister said.

File Photo: PTI

File Photo: PTI

All the 125 crore people of the country have equal value and importance, Modi said in his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’ in which he also pushed for more digital transactions, informed about the launch of South Asia Satellite on May 5 and spoke about some other issues.

“Although the ‘lal batti’ is gone now, nobody can claim because of this, the VIP culture which has gone into the mindset would have also gone,” Modi said.

He said getting rid of red beacon was an administrative decision but efforts have to be made to remove the VIP culture from the mindset also.

“If we all make concerted efforts jointly, this also can go (from the mindset),” he added.

The Prime Minister said his government’s concept of ‘New India’ is that instead of ‘VIP’, more importance should be given to the ‘EPI’ culture.

“When I say EPI should replace VIP, the meaning is clear — Every Person is Important. Every person has value and importance. If we recognise the importance of 123 crore citizens of the country, imagine the big strength that the country will have in fulfilling the grand dreams. We all have to do it together,” he said.