PM Modi pitches for tech-driven solutions to help workers find jobs


PM Modi

PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pitched for use of technology-driven solutions for workers to get jobs near their homes, as also employers to find skilled workforce with the click of a button.

Interacting with bureaucrats and experts, he also suggested that industrial training institutes can modify their courses to train youth in jobs based on upcoming industrial projects being planned in a particular region.

This, he said, can ensure new jobs for youth for the next eight to ten years.

The interaction took place on Tuesday and its video was shared by the Niti Aayog on Wednesday.

PM Modi said people, especially those involved in ‘blue collared’ jobs, would prefer to get employment near their homes.

He suggested that artificial intelligence can be used help employers meet skilled workforce.

The prime minister stressed that businesses can also be rated on the basis of the facilities they extend for the employees, including education for their children.

Aspirations of workers have to be kept in mind and they should be asked what they want to do in future, he said.

PM Modi said a fitter may want to learn driving so that he can buy a taxi to enhance his earnings.

He also referred to a “mismatch”, saying while on the one hand people required for a particular job are not available, and on the other people who have the capability don’t get the desired opportunities.

The prime minister said if a study is carried out, most of the workers would desire better education for their children.

He said many have taken loans to provide good education to their children.

He also suggested “global mapping of manpower”, saying several countries need good science and maths teachers as well as nurses.

If they can be taught language of the country where their skills are required, it would be of immense help.