PM Modi seeks Lanka’s support to combat terrorism

RSTV Bureau

Modi_srilankaNoting that security of India and Sri Lanka was “indivisible”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday strongly pitched for enhanced cooperation in key areas of maritime security and counter-terrorism.

In an address to Sri Lankan Parliament, Modi said the unity and integrity of Sri Lanka were paramount for India and that the recent elections have reflected the hope for change, and reconciliation in the country.

He also announced India’s unstinted support to Sri Lanka in its march for development.

Modi became the fourth Indian Prime Minister to address the Sri Lankan Parliament. Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Morarji Desai were the other Indian Prime Ministers to address it.

Talking about the security challenges, he said both the countries should join hands and expand maritime cooperation to successfully combat terrorism and extremism.

“We deeply value our security cooperation with Sri Lanka. We should expand the maritime security cooperation between India, Sri Lanka and Maldives to include others in the Indian Ocean area,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister said enhanced maritime cooperation between the two countries will be vital for building a peaceful, secure, stable and prosperous maritime neighbourhood.

“The Indian Ocean is critical to the security and prosperity of our two countries. And, we can be more successful in achieving these goals if we work together; build a climate of trust and confidence; and we remain sensitive to each other’s interest,” he said.

“For both of us, local threats remain. But, we see threats arising in new forms and from new sources. We are witnessing globalisation of terrorism. The need for our cooperation has never been stronger than today,” Modi said.

Promising India’s whole-hearted support to Sri Lanka, Modi said it was time for a “new vigour” in partnership between the two countries and that both should ensure that the proximity always translates into closeness.

“I also assure you of India`s full commitment to development partnership with Sri Lanka. We see this as a responsibility of a friend and neighbour,” he said.

Modi said though India does not have a land boundary with Sri Lanka, but still it was the “closest neighbours” in every

“Sri Lanka’s progress and prosperity is also a source of strength for India. So, Sri Lanka’s success is of great significance to India,” he said.

Referring to the Sri Lanka’s nearly three-decade-long civil war with the LTTE, Modi complimented the country for successfully defeating terrorism and brining the conflict to an end.

Referring to reconciliation process, Modi described as bold and admirable the recent steps taken by the government of the country to ensure welfare for all sections.

Modi said “when we accommodate the aspirations of all sections of our society, the nation gets the strength of every individual.”

He said, for India, the unity and integrity of Sri Lanka are paramount. “It is rooted in our interest.”

“My vision of an ideal neighbourhood is one in which trade, investments, technology, ideas and people flow easily across borders; when partnerships in the region are formed with the ease of routine,” he said.

Promising all possible support from India, Modi said he will be happy if India serves a catalyst in the progress of its neighbours.

“I have come with the hope of building this bridge – a bridge that rests on strong pillars of our shared inheritance; of shared values and vision; of mutual support and solidarity; of friendly exchanges and productive cooperation; and, above all, belief in each other and our shared destiny,” he said.

Favouring better trade ties between the two countries, Modi said “our neighbours should have the first claim on India. And I again repeat, the first claim on India is of our neighbours – of Sri Lanka.”

Highlighting his government’s efforts to boost economic growth in India, Modi said the world sees it as the “new frontier of economic opportunity”.

“In India, the growth momentum has been restored. India has become the fastest growing major economy in the world,” PM added.