PM Modi stresses on climate change & climate justice

SansadTV Bureau

modi_03At the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), while speaking on sustainable development, PM Modi focussed a great deal on “climate change” and “climate justice” in his 18-minute long speech.

“Sustainable development is the national responsibility of all the countries….Whenever we express concern over climate change, somewhere there is a sinking feeling about securing personal interests,” PM Modi said.

PM Modi maintained that the climate change had to be checked and contained by the developed world and not the developing nations as these nations still stood very low in carbon emissions. He went on to urge the developed world to transfer technology, innovation and finances to the developing countries without having “selfish interests”.

He emphasized that climate change could only be dealt with “common but differentiated responsibilities” from all the countries.

“The principle of common but differentiated responsibilities is the bedrock of our enterprise for a sustainable world… We are here today at the UN, because we believe that international partnership must be at the centre of our efforts,” PM Modi explained.

“We should create a world where every living thing feels secure, gets opportunities and respect. We should leave for our future generations a climate in a better condition. There can be no better objective. But this is also true that nothing is more challenging than this,” Modi added.

PM Modi also underlined the need for “climate justice” to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

There should be “climate justice” to ensure that poor are protected from natural calamities, said PM Modi.

“I expect the developed countries to honour their financial commitments for development and climate change without in any way putting the both under the same head,” PM Modi said.

He also emphasised the need for initiating a global education programme which could help the future generations learn about energy efficiency.

The Sustainable Development Goals 2030 were unanimously adopted by the UNGA minutes before PM Modi addressed the summit on Friday.

“While addressing climate change, it is important to focus on solutions that help us reach our goals,” the PM said.

In this context, PM Modi spoke about the efforts taken by his government in India to fight climate change. He said that the government was focussing on clean energy sources and it has set an ambitious target of generating 175 giga watts in the next 7 years.

PM also mentioned energy efficiency, afforestation, special tax on coal, cleaning of rivers as part of measures undertaken by his government to tackle climate change.

Lauding the goals set in the Sustainable Development Goals, PM Modi noted that the world’s focus on island states and the setting up of separate targets for their eco-system was an important step.

“I am votary of ‘Blue Revolution’ where there is protection and prosperity of island nations and proper use of their oceanic resources under the blue skies,” PM Modi said.

(With inputs from PTI)