PM Modi thanks voters via indian diaspora in China

SansadTV Bureau


Expressing thanks for voting him in the highest office exactly an year ago, PM Narendra Modi asked the jubilant looking Indian diaspora in China to help take his agenda forward.

On his last day of the three-day trip to China, PM Modi was addressing the gathering of Indian community in China at an event in Shanghai. The meet was his last of the public events in China. Earlier today, he had an interaction with the leaders and CEOs of Chinese Industry, followed by the launch of Center for Gandhian and Indian Studies at Fudan University in Shanghai.

“Times are changing and the world is now looking at India differently because of the performance of this government during the last one year”, PM Modi said adding that it is a “matter of pride” for every citizen.

“I didn’t realise that after one year I will be in front of a mini-India away from India. No one would make me PM looking at my bio data. I bow to the millions of Indians,” he said amid cheers from the crowd.

In his address to the Indian community he also struck political tones by claiming that he has been criticized for working hard and insisted that he would continue to do so.

“I am criticised for working hard. If working hard is a crime, then I am prepared to commit that crime for 125 crore Indians. Every moment of my time is for the 125 crore people of India,” he told the crowd which cheered as the PM raised his pitch to hard-sell India in China.

In an apparent reference to the criticisms over his frequent foreign visits PM Modi said, “People are asking why is Modi travelling to so many countries. If you work less, criticism is normal. If you keep sleeping, criticism is normal. But it is my bad luck that I am being criticised for working more.”

The Prime Minister also recounted the victory of his party BJP on this very day last year. BJP had won a clear majority with 282 seats in 2014 General elections. Before the packed house he also claimed to have fulfilled all the three commitments he had made to the electorate. Those three being – “I will work tirelessly, I am inexperienced and will learn and that I will not do any wrong with bad intent”.

“For the last one year, I have not taken even one day’s leave. I have worked day and night. Did I go on any vacation? Do I take rest? Am I not implementing my promise,” PM added.

After the conclusion of his China trip later in the evening (China time), Prime Minister Modi will depart for his day long Mongolia visit. He is expected to reach the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator later in the evening.