PM Modi’s Navratri fast most welcome: White House

RSTV Bureau

In view of Prime Minister Narendra Modi observing ‘Navratri’ fast during his US visit, the White House on Wednesday said this is unlikely to be an issue as they respectfully accommodate the practices of visitors.

“We are aware of the Prime Minister’s plans to fast during his visit to Washington. As with all guests hosted by US Presidents over the years, we always work to respectfully accommodate the practices of our visitors,” said Caitlin Hayden, Spokesperson of the National Security Council.

“The President looks forward to a successful bilateral visit with the Prime Minister, and we do not anticipate this being an issue in any way,” Hayden told  when asked about Modi’s Navaratri fast, during which he will be on a liquid diet and consume lemonade with some honey and a cup of tea every day.

The White House did not provide any further details, of what Modi would be served during the private working dinner hosted by US President Barack Obama at the White House on September 29.

However, the White House Historical Association, believes that the details of the dinner have already been worked out, which would be respectful of the religious practices and believes of the visiting leader.

“Since the early 1920s, the Office of Protocol at the State Department always meets with –- as happened with the upcoming visit of the Prime Minister — the Head of State advance team several weeks in advance and goes over every detail of the visit, which includes any dietary concerns or restrictions,” Lara M Kline, spokesperson of the White House Historical Association, said.

“So the Indian advance team and the State Department Office of Protocol would have come to an understanding and an agreement related to his arrival and there is always the utmost concern, respect and consideration of the Head of State. I know, they would absolutely do everything he would be comfortable with, which the advance team shared,” Kline said.