PM reaches out to Opp, willing to discuss all issues

SansadTV Bureau

PM_mWith the NDA dispensation facing a tough Budget session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday reached out to the Opposition, saying Government will listen to their views and efforts will be made to discuss all issues of national importance.

Speaking to the media outside Parliament House before the three-month session began, the Prime Minister expressed confidence that it will proceed in an atmosphere of mutual cooperation and there will be an opportunity to do some good for the people.

“In a democracy, discussion and debate should happen in this temple of democracy. Every subject should be discussed in detail. We hope that there will be a positive outcome of this debate that will help the poorest of the poor”.

“Budget session is crucial for any government. It is also an important opportunity for the country. I believe that the budget session will proceed in a very good atmosphere, in an atmosphere of cooperation and will serve as an opportunity to do good together,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister also referred to his meeting with leaders of Opposition parties at the all-party meeting called by Parliamentary Affairs Minister M Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday.

“I had met leaders of all parties for a long time even yesterday. Our effort will be that there should be a thorough discussion on all important issues of national interest,” he said.

Noting that this is the first occasion for his government to present a full-term budget, he said the Budget session is beginning with a commitment that there should be dialogue in this “temple of democracy” and a thorough discussion on every issue so that its outcome works to the advantage of the poorest of the poor.

He said that the Budget reflects the efforts of the government to fulfil the aspirations of the common man.