PM Modi speaks on violence against Dalits, Vadra case

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PM Narendra Modi speaking at the town hall meet in Delhi marking the 2 years of MyGov platform. Photo courtesy: PMO/youtube

Photo courtesy: PMO/youtube

In an interview to a Delhi based news and current affairs TV channel, Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned violence against dalits and rejected allegations of vendetta in probe against Robert Vadra’s land deals in Haryana. Condemning the incidents of violence against dalits, the Prime Minister stressed it does not suit any civilised society.

Speaking on the issue of atrocities against Dalits, he asked politicians, including his own partymen, to shun irresponsible statements. He even said that the community’s “self-appointed champions” were giving political colour to the social problem to create tensions.

“I want to tell politicians, including the leaders of my own party, that there should be no irresponsible statements against any person or community. The country’s unity, social unity and equality should not be affected. We should be extra cautious,” Modi told CNN-News 18 in an interview.

Noting that there are many dalits who are BJP MPs and MLAs in the country, he said, “Ever since I celebrated 125th birth anniversary of B R Ambedkar…many people felt that Modi is Ambedkar’s follower. They started having problems”.

File Photo of Robert Vadra and Priyanka Gandhi. Priynka took a dig at leaking the news of ED's notice to a firm linked to Robert Vadra to media.

File Photo of Robert Vadra and Priyanka Gandhi. Priynka took a dig at leaking the news of ED’s notice to a firm linked to Robert Vadra to media.

“Those who consider themselves as “thekedar” (self- appointed champions) of some special section and want to create tension in the society, they could not digest this that Modi is pro-dalit,” he added.

Speaking on the issue of probe against Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra’s land deals in Haryana, he rejected allegations of vendetta and insisted that there are no instructions from his government for conducting probe against any political party or dynasty.

“I have been Chief Minister of a state (Gujarat) for 14 years. The history is witness to it that I have never opened any file because of political reasons. There has been no such allegation against me. It has been over two-and-a-half years here (in government at the centre). There is no instruction from the government to open any file,” PM Modi said in his interview.

Without referring to any case, Modi said law will take its own course.

“I do not have right to do any cover up either… It is not right to say that we have not spared any dynasty,” he added.

His remarks came amidst a row over the inquiry conducted by a one-man Commission, set up by Haryana’s BJP government.

Congress has come down hard on the issue, accusing the Justice Dhingra Commission as also BJP governments at the Centre and Haryana of running a campaign of slander and vilification.

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