Differences shouldn’t affect development: Mahajan

SansadTV Bureau

sumitra_mahajanWith different political parties holding reins of power at the Centre and in states, presiding officers of legislative bodies have to see that this differences in opinion do not affect development, Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan said on Saturday.

“It is my view that no party is against development and the country’s progress… Differences could be in the path which needs to be taken for developing the country…”

“We have to see that this difference in opinion does not take the shape of difference of mind and in this we speakers have to see can we also collectively play any role in it,” Mahajan said at the two-day Conference of Presiding Officers of Legislative Bodies.

“We will sit here for two days and deliberate not just how to run the proceedings of the House but the problems in it also. . . The progress of states and the Centre have to go hand in hand,” she said, adding if Uttar Pradesh progresses, the country also develops and is strengthened.

She said the responsibility of speakers is more than normal members as they have to act like custodians of the legislators rising above party considerations.
“The expectation from speakers (presiding officers) is much more as compared to normal members and as is said that speakers are not of any party, they have to act as the custodians,” Mahajan said.

“When new members come to me asking how to raise certain issues then I become their guardian. . . I have to see how I can Choose the best way taking them along (to run the house),” she said.

The voters have become vigilant and have started to view all actions of elected representatives minutely, she said and referred to her interaction with a lawyer who had asked why can a member barging into the well of the house not be automatically expelled.

“A lawyer in Indore yesterday suggested that why is it that the speaker has to decide on expelling a member coming into the well of the house and a rule not be brought making it automatic as cameras are installed in the house,” she said.

Mahajan said members who are elected by the people have to work not just for those who have voted for them but also for those who have not.

Quoting ‘Bhagwat Gita’, she defined that a people’s representative should be the one who comes with the firm intention of serving the people. “They should not be someone who thinks that he is their superior and should be friendly with all and dedicated to the country,” she said.