‘Poll mandates an option to enact good legislators’

SansadTV Bureau

File Photo(PTI)

Steering away from commenting on any poll results in particular, Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan on Thursday said the mandates should be taken as an opportunity to enact good legislations.

She was addressing the 5th India Region Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference in Goa.

“People have become aware about the things. The recent results show that people say if you want to do it . . . do it,” Mahajan said without making any reference to the election results.

“People have learnt to say… now do it. And they have also learnt to say No…,” the senior leader said.

She said that overwhelming mandates should be taken as an opportunity to enact good legislations and discuss it on the floor of the House of Parliament.

In a veiled attack on media coverage of certain events on the floor of the House in Parliament, Mahajan said, “Media will also have to think whom to give importance.”

“They have to think whether someone discussing intelligently should be given front page or someone who creates ruckus,” she said.

“The representative can create ruckus to get the front page mileage but what is he achieving. Has he been sent to do that. . Media should also decide,” Mahajan said.

“We also need to think whether training is required for media persons. They should know what question should be asked,” she said.

She also asked the presiding officers of the state Legislative Assemblies and Councils to play a pivotal role in strengthening the country’s democracy, which is looked upon by the world.

“Speakers can play an important role in bringing together people of all the different ideologies. He is a neutral person in the entire parliamentary set up,” Mahajan said.

“A Speaker can ensure that there is discussion on the bills and laws passed on the floor of a House. This will help India to be the best democracy in the world,” she said.

In India, language changes after every 20 kms. The country has different languages and castes. Everyone wants to make India strong, but we have different sets of thinking, she said.

“Every region has to strengthen itself. But we have to see how we can build the nation while strengthening the state,” Mahajan said.

“We can come together and unitedly discuss the issues. We are considered as the best democratic system in the entire world,” the Speaker added.

During the two-day conference, papers will be presented and discussions will be held on strengthening parliamentary democracy.