Rahul Gandhi: Achche Din govt has failed this country

Rajat Kain

rahul_parliamentCongress Vice President Rahul Gandhi launched a stirring attack on Narendra Modi and the BJP-led Union government in his speech on the debate over agrarian situation in the country. In his maiden speech as the member of opposition, Rahul Gandhi resumed his attack on the central government a day after Congress party’s massive rally in the capital where it took on the government over the emotive issue of ordinance on land acquisition bill.

“Farmers are the back bone of our country. Whatever we have in our country are built on the foundation provided to us by the farmers. Achche Din government has failed the country”, said Rahul Gandhi amid the uproar in Lok Sabha as both sides traded charges.

Emphasising that the agriculture production has suffered and the current Union government is to be blamed for this, he said “During the UPA period, agricultural credit grew at rate of 20% per year. And now I feel sad to say that the current government has given an increase of just 5%.”

Taking on Union cabinet minister Nitin Gadkari for his controversial comments which were dubbed as anti-farmer, Rahul Gandhi told the house amid chaos that he’d “like to praise Mr. Gadkari for he is one minister who speaks his mind. Mr. Gadkari had said farmers should not keep hopes with either god or government. Unhone apni mann ki baat kahi.” added Gandhi as members of the ruling BJP stood up in their opposition.

But the debate got heated when few minutes into his speech, Rahul Gandhi took his attack directly at Prime Minister Modi. The PM was not present in the house.

“Would like to give a suggestion to the Prime Minister…Experts have told 106 lakh hectares have been affected. 14 states have suffered and 40,000 crore rupees have been lost. The Agriculture Minister says only 80 lakh hectares is destroyed. Who is telling the truth, Agriculture experts or the PM or Agriculture Ministry?”

Amid the din, Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh intervened saying the government and Prime Minister was quoting the figures given by the respective state governments.

However, Gandhi was unrelenting. Replying to an intervention made by the Agriculture Minister, he said he would like to suggest PM that “he go and get the first hand assessment himself instead of travelling abroad at the time of this agrarian crisis. Crops are lying in the warehouse, farmers are getting lathi charged when they ask for the fertilizers.”

“Aapki sarkaar bade logon ki sarkaar hai (Your government is the government of rich people and big business house)”.

Wrapping up his speech amid the thumping and enthusiastic members on the opposition benches, the Congress Vice President quoted Dr. M S Swaminathan, “future will depend on grains, not guns”. He then pointed out the recent arms and chopper deals signed by the government and said, “You talk of guns and choppers but forget 60% of the population of your country. You are hurting their interest today, they will hurt you tomorrow”