In Chhattisgarh now, Rahul targets PM Modi again

Rajat Kain

farmer-2Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi has once taken on Narendra Modi government over the subject of the farmer’s distress in several states across the country. Rahul Gandhi, whose anointment to the post of party chief is almost certain, addressed the gathering of farmers and tribals in Korba in Chhatisgarh.

“PM Modi makes big statements on the development but has done nothing to help out the farmers in distress. Modi ji talks of development, makes tall promises. But what will happen to the adivasi & their kids” Gandhi said during the rally on Monday afternoon in Madanpur village at Korba.

He is on a two-day visit to Chattisgarh where he is expected to hold meetings with the farmers and local tribals ‘affected’ due to the coal mining projects. The state government of Chattisgarh has been ruled by the BJP since December 2003.

“If land is being taken from Adivasis (tribals) then they should have a say in it…Agar yahan khanan hoga to aadivasi apne jungle kho denge,” he said.

“Is this development? Your voice doesn’t reach to those in power in Delhi,” he claimed further trying to strike a direct chord with the gathering of local farmers and tribals.

This is another of his strong pitch against the BJP-led central government on the issue of agrarian distress. Ever since, his return from the 56-days ‘leave of absence’, Rahul Gandhi has been avidly vocal on acute distress among farmers and the emotive issue of Ordinance on land acquisition. He has repeatedly attempted to corner the Modi government by terming them “suit-boot ki sarkaar”, a reference to paint the current dispensation as pro-corporate and anti-poor and anti-farmers.

“Congress wants development, but one where we consider you people, water, nature, land, adivasi…everyone,” he reiterated his party’s stand on the matter concerning contentious land acquisition in tribal belt.

Rahul Gandhi also held one-on-one interaction with the locals present at the rally. Sharpening his attack on land acquisition he also claimed that the farmers have lost out a lot after their lands were acquired in Delhi and NCR. He particularly cited the land acquisition in Noida for the F1 racing track, claiming that the “farmers are in tears” in local villages after the race track was built.

“Mai aur Congress party iss ladayi mein aapke saath khade hain,” the Congress vice-President further added as the crowds and local Congress workers responded with cheers.

Rahul Gandhi has been actively touring the parts of country where the local farmers are under distress due to acute crop failure and hostile weather. He has so far held the meetings with farmers and local agriculture workers in Punjab, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and now Chattisgarh.

The central government too has expressed its concerns over the issue of agrarian crises. However, their problem could further be accentuated with IMD declaring the forecast of “deficient” monsoon for the second consecutive year.