Rahul’s RSS remark shows his ignorance of reality: BJP

RSTV Bureau
Diphu: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi with Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi during an election rally in Assam. Photo - PTI

Diphu: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi with Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi during an election rally in Assam.
Photo – PTI

As the poll date in Assam inch close, political parties are countering their opponents, word by word to make most of the political heat. A day after congress vice president toured Assam to promote his party’s achievements , it was BJP’s turn to return his remark on RSS that if BJP were to come to power in Assam, it will be run from Nagpur ( RSS Headquarter) or PMO.

Union Minister Kiren Rijiju on Wednesday strongly reacted to Rahul Gandhi’s statement that if BJP comes to power, Assam will be run from the RSS headquarters or the PMO, saying the comment came due to the Congress leader’s “ignorance” of the ground reality.

In a statement, Rijiju said Rahul’s statement was unfortunate and it came because of “his ignorance of the ground reality”.

“If BJP is voted to power then only the indigenous people of Assam will run the State and illegal migrants won’t have any space to influence the politics of Assam which has been the case so far,” said Rijiju.

At an election in Dipu, Rahul asked voters to reject BJP in the Assembly polls, saying if it came to power the state will be run from the RSS headquarters in Nagpur or the PMO.

He also warned the people that BJP will only “stoke violence” in the state and end the atmosphere of peace ushered in by Congress.

In his counter, the Junior Home Minister, Rijiju claimed every ethnic group and region in Assam is dissatisfied and said that they have demanding special Constitutional status or special economic package despite 15 years Congress rule.

“The level of people’s satisfaction in Assam is abysmally low both in terms of human development index as well as socio-economic indicator,” he said.

Rijiju, BJP MP from Arunachal Pradesh blamed the congress party not using the potential of abundant natural resources for the development of the state.

“Due to very long mis-governance” by the Congress it has been relegated into a status of backward region.

“If voted to power, the state and Central government will work in close coordination and will fulfil all promises made by the BJP,” he said.

The politically charge battle ground Assam will go to polls on 4th April where the Chief Ministerial nominees are testing their fate. Tarun Gogoi, the current chief Minister is trying his luck from  Titabar constituency in Jorhat where as the BJP CM candidate Sonowal is fighting from Maujuli.