RS members can now submit notices for discussion through app


File Photo of Rajya Sabha

File Photo of Rajya Sabha

Rajya Sabha members can now submit notices to raise discussions or questions from anywhere with the launch of a new app, Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu said on Monday.

The secure e-Notices application can be used to submit online notices for raising issues under rules for Question Hour, Zero Hour, Special Mention, Calling Attention and Short Duration Discussion, he said when the House met for the day.

“However, the existing system of giving physical notices in the Notice Office would also continue,” he said. “I am sure the members will find the new system useful and convenient and will use it extensively.”

Naidu also asked the MPs to contact the concerned officers in the Rajya Sabha Secretariat to give notices or find out about the fate of their notices, instead of coming directly to him as he may not have all the information.

“Maybe it is lack of information because some members are coming and directly trying to give it (notices) to the Chairman. That is not the practice. There is the Table Office. There are other systems in place. You can give it there,” he said.

“Some Members are coming to me and asking me what happened to their notices. That also is dealt with by the concerned officials,” he said.

Laying down rules for entry and exit from the House once the proceedings have begun, he said the members should enter or leave the chamber quietly without disturbing anyone.

While leaving, members should not stand in the lobby and talk to other members, he said.

“Once the House has started, anybody coming late should come quietly and then occupy his seat. Anybody leaving in between should go quietly, without disturbing others and without wishing. Standing in the lobby and all that does not send a good signal.

“This is not confined to one party or one side. This is for all the Members. I hope all of you will understand this and appreciate and cooperate,” he added.