Rajya Sabha flags concern over “targeting” of MPs

RSTV Bureau

SP Leader Naresh Agrawal in Rajya Sabha

The members of the Upper House on Tuesday strongly criticised the series of disparaging remarks made against politicians off late by certain quarters, including those owing allegiance to the political parties. The MPs from across the parties and aisles stressed that such “targeting” will lead to the people losing faith in elected representatives and even in the democratic institution.

Raising the issue, Samajwadi Party (SP) senior member Naresh Agrawal said he saw a “systematic conspiracy” in statements ranging from Sadhvi Prachi claiming terrorists were sitting in Parliament to the controversy raised over the consumption of subsidized food in Parliament by certain quarters in the press and even the recent order of Delhi High Court where the bench ruled disconnecting water and electricity supply to MPs and MLAs who have not paid dues for three months.

“Why shouldn’t similar disconnection order be issued for the media and officials,” Mr Agrawal raised the contention on the floor of the house.

“Special courts are trying cases against politicians but not terrorists,” he added claiming that a negative impression of Parliamentarians was sought to be created among the people.

“Trial of politicians is to be completed in one year but the same for terrorists can continue for 22 years,” said Naresh Agarwal.

Without naming anyone, Agrawal said a former Supreme Court judge had used an abusive word referring to the MPs in general.

Azad-Rajya-Sabha-Aug-10Attacking the quality of food served at Parliament canteen, he said, “food cooked at 4 am in the morning is served throughout the day” and claimed that consumption of the canteen food will make people fall sick.

“What is the percentage of MPs who eat at Parliament canteen? How many staff and media persons eat,” he asked referring to the controversy raised over the subsidised food in Parliament canteen.

Seconding Agrawal, leader of the Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad said people looked towards elected representatives when they had issues like jobs, roads, electricity and water.

“No one goes to media houses or business houses for these problems,” said Mr Azad.

“The comments against MPs, MLAs or ministers are “destroying their image and comments on institutions should stop,” the leader of Opposition added.

“What faith people will have on their representatives if their image as well as that of the democratic institutions is destroyed,” Azad said as the members present in the house nodded in affirmation.

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