Rajya Sabha approves motion suspending 8 MPs

Kriti Mishra

Rajya Sabha Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu (Screen grab)

Rajya Sabha Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu (Screen grab)

A motion moved by the Government seeking suspension of eight members for unruly conduct was adopted by the Upper House on Monday.

MoS Parliamentary Affairs Minister V. Muraleedharan moved a motion seeking the suspension of eight members for unruly conduct. He stressed that the members defied the etiquette, conduct, customs and procedures of the House during the passage of the two farm bills on Sunday.

Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu then put the Motion to vote and it was adopted.  The suspended members include Derek O’Brien and Doka Sen of the TMC; Rajeev Satav, Ripun Bora and Syed Nazir Hussain of the Congress; KK Ragesh and Elaram Kareem of the CPI(M) and Sanjay Singh of the Aam Admi Party.

According to Rule 256,  The Chairman may, if he deems it necessary, name a member who disregards the authority of the Chair or abuses the rules of the Council by persistently and willfully obstructing the business thereof. If a member is so named by the Chairman he shall forthwith put the question on a motion being made, no amendment, adjournment or debate being allowed, that the member be suspended from the service of the Council for a period not exceeding the remainder of the Session. A member suspended under this rule shall forthwith quit the precincts of the Council.