Rajya Sabha chairman’s message ahead of Winter Session

Akhilesh Suman

Rajya Sabha chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu spoke to Rajya Sabha TV about the upcoming Winter Session of Parliament, which begins from Friday.

Speaking to Rajya Sabha TV’s Akhilesh Suman, Naidu said the upcoming session was very important. He also said that every session was important as it brought hope to people and their aspirations.

The chairman of the Upper House also urged MPs not to disappoint people by disrupting the proceedings of the House.

Question Hour must not be disturbed and MPs must refrain from rushing into the well, said Naidu.

Parliamentarians must also refrain from shouting and sloganeering, Naidu added.

While talking about the Opposition, Naidu said the Opposition must have its space as it was necessary to ask questions and oppose on issues. But, he also added, at the end of the day, the government must have its way.

“People have elected us MPs and we must reflect that mandate,” explained  Naidu.

“Let the government propose, Opposition oppose and the House dispose,” he added.

The chairman also spoke about how Parliamentarians are committed to the supremacy of Parliament. He reiterated that frequent interruptions disturb the image of Parliament.