RK Singh: I’m only working for ‘clean’ BJP candidates

Neelu Vyas

BJP Lok Sabha MP from Arrah and former Union Home Secretary RK Singh has accused his own party leadership of giving tickets to members with criminal background. In an exclusive interview to Rajya Sabha TV, RK Singh has said that his statements are based on facts and that he has no regret about them.

The MP has said that he is ready to face any action by the party. He has also clarified that he is only working for the victory of ‘clean’ BJP candidates in Bihar.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Recently you had leveled allegations against the BJP leadership regarding the ticket distribution in Bihar.

It is a statement of fact. It is something which I don’t agree with and that is why I said what I said.

You did not name those muscle men or the criminals to whom party tickets were being given. Why?

That is not true. I did give some examples. But, everyone in Bihar knows who the criminals are. If you look at the list of candidates, you will be able to tell.

When you made the allegation, the central leadership said that you are very new to politics and that you need to learn the ways of politics.

It’s not a question of being new or old. Even the common man who is not involved in politics feels the way I feel.

Are you trying to target Sushil Kumar Modi?

I’m not trying to target anybody. I am only expressing a view which has been held by all the common workers of BJP. You can take a look at the list of candidates, not just BJP’s, even other parties, and ask anyone who the criminals are. It’s a matter of fact and anyone will be able to answer you. RK Singh is not the only one saying this. You can go around in Bihar and find out how many BJP workers have submitted their resignations. You can see how many BJP offices remain locked up even today. You’ll know that there was ruckus in BJP offices over this issue. It’s only then you’ll realise that I’m not the only one saying this.

Central leadership has tried to distance itself from your comments. They are obviously saying that it was a ploy by you to place your candidates in the list. Would you really agree to that?

That is utter nonsense. My only request to the leadership was that whoever they gave tickets to, should be a common worker of the party and should not have a criminal background.

The party would have taken action against you but you represent the Rajput community which constitutes about 5 to 6 per cent votes. It’s a crucial time for the BJP as well. So they will probably not take any action till the time the election is over. How do you respond to that?

Whether they take action against me or not, it is for them to decide.

Do you agree that you have an uneasy relationship with the Centre at the moment?

You are again deviating from the point. It’s not a question of my relationship with the party leadership. It is a question about the issue of ticket distribution by the BJP that I have raised.

Earlier too, there have been instances where you have spoken against the BJP when it was trying to defend Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje in the Lalit Modi controversy. You had come out and said that Lalit Modi was a fugitive and defending him was morally wrong. So that was another moment where you embarrassed the BJP.

I do not believe in keeping quiet if something wrong is happening in an organization. Whenever I have seen something wrong, I have spoken out against it and acted against it. That is how I have been and that is how I will continue to be. If everyone in an organization keeps quiet when a few people are doing something wrong, then every single person becomes complicit in the wrong action.

Are you working towards the victory of the BJP?

I will only be working for the victory of all the clean people from BJP who are fighting the elections.

(You can watch the entire interview on our Bihar election bulletin at 6.30 pm on Rajya Sabha TV)