Rocket lands inside Indian Embassy in Kabul, no casualties

RSTV Bureau

India House, country’s embassy in Kabul has come under an attack on Tuesday after a rocket propelled grenade landed inside the campus. As per the information, no reports of any injury have been reported.

Blast-in-KabulIndia House is a highly guarded and fortified compound and is close to several embassies and NATO’s ‘Resolute Support’ Headquarters.

The incident took place as Kabul at about 11:15 am under a security blanket for The Kabul Process Peace and Security Conference, which is being attended by top officials of 27 countries and international organizations.

According to sources, the rocket landed in the volleyball court of the compound. Apart from the Indian Ambassador’s residence, other mission employs also stays inside the premise.

“No injury reported so far,” a source said in New Delhi.

The attack comes amid extremely tight security in the capital following last week’s deadly explosions that claimed over 150 lives and coincides with the launch of the Kabul Process meeting where representatives from at least 23 countries are participating.

Last week’s attack was at the German embassy gate, near the Indian embassy compound. Today’s rocket propelled attack was at The Indian Ambassador’s residential compound, which is separate and some distance away.

The Afghan Intelligence Service the NDS blames the Haqqani network and Pakistan’s ISI for last week’s blast — something Islamabad denies.

The Taliban denied it was behind last week’s attack and there was no claim from the Islamic State’s local affiliate as well.

The Kabul Peace Conference initiated by Afghanistan is trying to build a regional and international consensus on security and the fight against terrorism. US President Donald Trump is to decide soon whether to agree to the Pentagon and send up to 5,000 more US troops to the 9,000 already in Afghanistan. Currently there are about 13,400 foreign troops in the country.