RSTV’s online growth in last 10 months more than that of previous 6 years

SansadTV Bureau

RSTV YouTube channel 1 millionRajya Sabha Television has increased it’s online viewership substantially during the last ten months with it’s growth during this period overtaking the channel’s subscriber base on YouTube acquired during the previous six years.

Since it’s launch in 2011, the channel acquired over 10 lakh YouTube subscribers entering the ‘million plus club of eight’ in the News and Current Affairs Channel on June 12, 2018. In an indication of the channel’s rapidly growing appeal among the viewers, RSTV has gained one lakh subscribers in the less than a month having got 9 lakh subscribers on May 15, 2018.

Of the total subscriber base of over one million, RSTV gained 5,74,378 new subscribers during the last ten months (August, 11-June 12, 2018). This is an increase of 135% over the subscriber base of 4,25,622 acquired during the previous 6 years i.e. September 8, 2011-August 10, 2017.

Of the total recorded YouTube views of 15,19,95,029 of RSTV since its launch in 2011, the channel has clocked 7,77,67,265 views during the last 10 months, accounting for 49% of the total views.

RSTV gained 57,437 YouTube subscribers every month during the last 10 months. The steady increase in acquisition of subscribers resulted in the channel gaining one lakh subscribers during the last 28 days.

The increased engagement of viewers with RSTV has also been reflected in 252% increase in the ‘Comments’ posted and 197% increase in the ‘Shares’ over the last 10 month period.

The channels ahead of RSTV in YouTube subscriber base are; Aaj Tak, India TV, ABP News, Zee News, NDTV, News18 India and News 24.

RSTV is ahead of channels like India Today, DD News, NDTV India, Republic World, News Nation, CNBC Awaj, Lok Sabha TV, News X, CNBC TV18 and WION.

Among the public broadcasters, RSTV is way ahead of DD News which has the subscriber base of 5,87,505 and Lok Sabha TV with 2,35,109 subscribers.

To further enhance the reach and appeal of RSTV, through new and diversified content, the channel is currently in the process of engaging more than 50 professionals at different levels.

RSTV management attributes this rapid expansion of the primarily discussion based bilingual channel to selection of topics of contemporary and viewer interest, presentation, introduction of new windows, enhanced production value and promotion of content etc.