Security Scenario in West Asia post ISIS

Vishal Dahiya

Symbolic Image ( PTI )

Terrorist outfit Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which had vast territories spanning across Iraq and Syria under its control, is now gasping for breath. Three months after its economic capital Mosul (Iraq) fell to the international coalition force, ISIS has lost most of its strongholds including political capital Raqqa in Syria.

Rajya Sabha TV’s show ‘Security Scan’ discussed the issue of ‘Security Scenario in West Asia post ISIS’ with three experts – former ambassador to Iraq and Jordan R Dayakara, distinguished fellow at IDSA Brig. (Rtd) Gurmeet Kanwal and South Asia Bureau Chief of news agency SANA, Waiel Awwad.

Islamic State saw a meteoric rise in the last decade. In 2014, it not only controlled a population of about 7-8 million, but also had access to crucial oilfields, refineries and massive stockpiles of arms and ammunition. The group is said to have recruited attackers from over 100 countries and has perfected the shock and awe tactic.

While the military power of ISIS has been decimated and the areas under its control have been liberated in West Asia, the big question that remains to be answered is whether the operation against the one of the most dreaded terrorist organisations has achieved complete success.

Experts say the political process is on to fill the vacuum which will be created after the decimation of ISIS in the region. However, they also warn that if corrective measures are not taken immediately by the regional players, ISIS, which began as an insurgency, could return to its roots spread across the region. Experts also believe that the deep-rooted sectarian division and tug of war between regional players may again provide ISIS a potent atmosphere for revival.

Will the security scenario in West Asia change after ISIS’ defeat? And will the power vacuum in the region allow the outfit to bloom again? All these questions are answered in our show ‘Security Scan’ that airs at 10 PM on Thursday and 10.30 AM , 1 PM and 5.30 PM on Friday. Don’t forget to watch.