Show Greater Maturity: Election Commission

Election Commission asked all the political parties to show greater maturity after allegations of partiality were made against it by the BJP. The Election Commissioner called the neutrality and impartiality of EC a national heritage.

New Delhi, 8May2013(PTI): Asking political parties to “show greater maturity”, Election Commissioner VS Sampath said that the Election Commission is not afraid of anyone or “any political party” or “any entity” in discharging its duties.

“Election Commission is the body created under the Constitution and one of the pillars of democracy. Constitution has given enough power to the commission to perform its duties boldly and impartially,” the CEC said.

Sampath said the job of the EC is “challenging” in enforcing electoral law, Model Code of Conduct, judiciously, rigorously and in non-partisan manner.

Dismissing the allegations of the “lack of neutrality”, he said, “EC has satisfaction in the job it has been doing and we will continue to do so to uphold the constitution. The credibility, neutrality and impartiality of EC is a national heritage.”
Asked about the demands made by several political parties, including the BJP, for removal of certain returning officers, the CEC said, “We don’t transfer officials on ‘choti, choti’ (small) complaints. We, however, investigate those complaints at our own level and transfer officials if grievance is true.”

Sampath said that the EC has always given “due regard” to the grievances “emanated” from any political party and will continue to do so in future.