Sikhs and Muslims join Trump, pledge support

RSTV Bureau
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.  Photo-PTI

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

A group of Sikhs and Muslims joined the Donald Trump bandwagon in the US state of Maryland, saying the Republican presidential front-runner is “not against” their communities.

Under the banner of “Sikh Americans for Trump” and “Muslim Americans for Trump” scores of Sikhs and Muslims met in Washington and pledged support for trump.

Members of these groups argued Trump’s views on minority community have been “twisted” and “taken out of context” by the mainstream media and claimed that the 69-year-old billionaire real estate magnet would create more jobs in the country which would benefit the minorities.

“Trump is not at all against the Sikhs or the Muslim community. He is not the status quo. He is not taking anybody’s money,” said Jasdip Singh, Chairman, and Maryland Governor’s Commission on South Asian Affairs.

‘’He is not against minorities. I have even heard that he is not good for India. I believe, he is very good for India’’.

He has businesses in Pune and Mumbai. He understands all these countries and cultures better than any other candidates,” said Singh, who in September led a delegation of Sikh leaders to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Silicon Valley.

“Trump built Tajmahal (Casino) in Atlantic City 25 years ago and brought a piece of India to the US and tried to bring things from India into Taj.

“So he has a very strong affinity and relationship with India. We should not listen to the spin that is coming from the media,” Singh added.

Of all the presidential candidates, Trump is the only one who has achievements to show, argued Sajid Tarar, a Pakistani American, who helped organise the Muslim Americans for Trump.

” He has the ability and capacity to change America. He has built a huge empire. He is self-funding the campaign. There is no special interest behind him,” Tarar said.

The fresh support by Muslims and Sikhs acquired a great significance after trump emerged as a big winner on Super Tuesday.