Sonia urges like-minded parties to come together

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FILE: File photo of Sonia Gandhi.  Photo - PTI

FILE: File photo of Sonia Gandhi.
Photo – PTI

UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Friday said that like-minded political parties needed to sink local differences in the larger interest of the nation. Ms Gandhi’s remarks came at an event organised in New Delhi by the India Today group.

“I as Congress parliamentary party chairperson along with Rahul (Gandhi) and other colleagues have regular meetings with like-minded parties to see if we can work together,” she said.

“We have worked together earlier. In parliament, there is co-ordination, especially in the Rajya Sabha,” she said opening up on the tandem between the Opposition grouping the Parliament.


She, however, admitted that coming together of such parties was a tough nut to crack given their differences at the state level. “It is difficult for all the parties including ours. At the national level, we can come together on some issues. But at the ground level, we are opponents. There is a lot of pressure from all parties including ours like in West Bengal and many other states. It is a difficult task”.


“But if all of us think of the larger picture…if we feel and care for the country, we have to sink the local differences,” she said.

Opening up further on the dynamics within her party she said her party is not solely depended on the Gandhi family. “…in future there may be a time when the Congress party can survive without a Gandhi at the helm”.

On the question of her son and current party president Rahul Gandhi being a absentee politician, Ms Gandhi said, “Plenty of Netas take a holiday. It’s never been a big deal”.

Meanwhile, the Congress sources had said that Gandhi has invited opposition parties for dinner in New Delhi on March 13 in a fresh bid to forge a united front against the BJP. The initiative is a step towards strengthening the Opposition and laying the foundation for a united front in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, they said.

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