Stable govt in J&K soon: BJP

RSTV Bureau

400imageDeclining to give any timeframe on formation of government in Jammu and Kashmir, BJP on Saturday claimed there will be a stable government in that state soon.

“We hope to have a stable government. BJP, obviously will be a part of that government. We will have a stable government in Jammu and Kashmir soon,” BJP National General Secretary Ram Madhav said.

He was talking to reporters on the sidelines of a function, a day after Governor’s Rule was imposed in J&K.

On the delay in the formation of the new government, he said, “Yes it is taking some time. We hope to bring some kind of arrangement soon.”

“We do not want to give any deadlines. We want to do it as soon as possible,” he said, adding, that was the reason he was rushing to Delhi.

Governor’s Rule was imposed in Jammu and Kashmir on Friday, with PDP, which emerged as the single-largest party, and BJP failing to cobble up the required number to form the government.

On the controversial ‘ghar wapsi’ (reconversion) programme of the VHP, the BJP leader declined to comment, saying “our people have answered it. Whatever our people have said is our response also.”

Speaking at a function organised by the Indian Christian Movement (ICM), the BJP leader described India as the ‘mosaic’ of all religions.

“Rather than finding fault with each other or engaging in number games, if we engage in bettering the life of people, that is what what the country needs,” Madhav said.

Lauding the contributions of the Christian community, he said several initiatives have been undertaken by them which has benefitted large sections of the society.

“We are guided by great values the country has given from time immemorial. Irrespective of our religions we cherish those values… We all believe in the great values of 5000 years of history the country has given to mankind. We need to take forward the values which have guided the country since millennium.”

“Government can secure freedom and secure equality through law. We have laws to punish people who practise inequality. But fraternity cannot be achieved through government action. It is here social and religious leaders have to play an important role and propagate the fact that we are one fraternity, irrespective of caste, religion.”

“No religion is complete. Every religion has its internal differences. We all have to live like a family, brothers in the country. This cannot be achieved through any act,” Ram Madhav said.