End funding channels of terror outfits: Modi at G20

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Symbolic Image ( PTI )

Symbolic Image ( PTI )

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today joined leaders from several nations of the world to seek urgent and united global efforts to combat terrorism as the gruesome Paris attacks, war in Syria and the fight against Islamic State militants overshadowed the G20 Summit.

The meeting of leaders from 20 top economies, which was to discuss inclusive economic growth and climate change, will adopt a resolution at the end of the two-day meeting tomorrow calling for better coordination and exchange of information to cut off funding and a more comprehensive approach on “addressing the conditions conducive to terrorism.”

The resolution on terror would be separate from the main Summit declaration, officials said.

In his intervention at the G20 Summit, Modi said the meeting is being held under “the tragic shadow of dreadful acts of terrorism” and leaders are “united by a sense shock, pain and outrage.”

“We are united in condemning the barbaric attacks in Paris this week and the recent bombings in Ankara and Lebanon. We share the sorrow of Russia for the lost lives in the fallen aircraft in Sinai,” he said. “These alone are a stark reminder of the dark force we face — larger than specific groups and particular targets and territories.”

“It is a major global challenge of our times. It not only makes a tragic toll of lives, it also extracts a huge economic cost and threatens our way of life. It calls for a comprehensive global response. Combating it must be major priority for G20,” Modi said.

The declaration after the G20 talks may seek quicker implementation of the Financial Action Task Force recommendations that seek to stop individuals sending money to groups like ISIS and tackle the black market for oil that is seen as being key to their funding.

It also plans to prevent terrorists from exploiting technology, communications and resources to incite terrorist acts, including through the Internet.

Obama pledged to redouble efforts to eliminate the Islamic State and end the Syrian civil war that has fueled the rise of the jihadist network. He described Paris terror strikes as “attack on the civilised world” and said “the skies have been darkened” by the horrific assault.

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