Third Front will have a say in Govt formation: Pappu Yadav

RSTV Bureau

ANitish-Kumar-gen-1ttacking the incumbent Chief Minister Nitish Kumar-led ‘Grand Alliance’ and the BJP-led four-party NDA, former RJD leader Pappu Yadav claimed that no government will be formed in Bihar without the support of the ‘Third Front’. Pappu Yadav, sitting MP from Madhepura had left RJD to form his Jan Adhikar Party few weeks before the Bihar assembly polls. Yadav’s outfit is a part of five-party ‘Third Front’.

One of the talked about regional leaders of Bihar, Rajesh Ranjan alias Pappu Yadav, also claimed that there is neither a ‘wave’ in favour of Narendra Modi in Bihar, nor the alliance between Nitish Kumar, Lalu and Congress is working.

“People of all castes are fed up with both the grand alliance and the BJP. There is no question of any of them getting a majority. Without Third Front’s support, no alliance will be able to form a government,” Pappu Yadav told a news agency while addressing a gathering in election-bound Mokama in Bihar.

The one time blue-eyed boy of RJD chief Lalu Prasad also claimed that neither Grand Alliance nor the NDA have anything to offer to the youth, especially on the issue of job and education front.

Modi-2“Let me say it categorically that youths of Bihar have negated both the NDA and the UPA. Youths are not going to stay with them,” he said adding, “they have seen Nitish and Lalu for 25 years. They have seen the BJP also in all districts as well as Centre. So youths now want to know who will change their life.

Besides, he also rejected the contention that the current Bihar Assembly poll is a contest between the forward castes and backward castes, the point so often repeated by the social scientists and the news analysts.

“This fight is completely a fight against Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar and against the BJP because they do not talk of the development of Bihar. Nitish and Lalu have finished the poor and destroyed the education,” Mr. Yadav alleged.

When asked which of the two alliances he would like to support, he said “Whichever alliance accepts my manifesto, I will take its support. Why will I give support?” ruling out lending support to any alliance or a party.

The five-time Lok Sabha MP also rejected the charges that his third front may end up cutting votes of the Nitish Kumar-led Grand Alliance and therefore ending up helping BJP-led NDA in the process.

(With inputs from the PTI)