Training at regular intervals is essential for officers to upgrade skills: Vice President

RSTV Bureau

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu interacted with participants of the first-ever foundation course for Military Engineer Services probationers in Hyderabad on July 20, 2019.

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu has called for making a visit to rural areas a must for all officers undergoing training at central and state level. He said such an opportunity would help officers to get a firsthand experience of service delivery in remote areas.

‘Village Visit must have opened up new vistas of learning and gave you exposure to unique problems, felt-needs, and priorities of rural India, he said.

Interacting with participants of the First-Ever Foundation Course for Military Engineer Services Probationers in Hyderabad today Vice President Naidu opined that understanding the needs of the marginalized sections of the society help officers plan better when they go back to the drawing board.

Vice President Naidu lauded the contributions of the Military Engineer Service in fields such as disaster mitigation, relief operations, and public infrastructure development as he called upon the officers to use the opportunity to contribute significantly towards nation-building.

Saying that providing cost-effective and time-bound development of infrastructure was the need of the hour, the Vice President Called upon MES professionals to continuously update knowledge and use cutting edge technologies. He wanted the probationers to always maintain a high level of integrity, commitment, transparency and accountability.

The Vice President advised the young officers of the Military Engineer Service to keep updating their professional profile in order to ensure that it was in accordance with the dynamic requirements of the nation.

He also advised them to learn from the best practices within and outside India, from both the private as well as the public sector, and strive to reform the procedures and systems for producing outstanding results.

Vice President Naidu said that Military Engineer Service has been playing a crucial role in enabling the Indian Armed Forces, Indian Ordnance Factories, DRDO and the Indian Coast Guard in achieving their cherished goals. He asked them to work together in unison, complementing and supporting each other with their specific domain experiences in order to attain higher levels of productivity.

Vice President Naidu complimented Dr MCR HRD Institute for conducting the foundation course for MES probationers. He appreciated the institute for designing a comprehensive approach towards training, which included outdoor, extra-curricular, and co-curricular activities to enable the MES Probationers to develop a broader vision and emerge as productive members of the Military Engineer Services.

The Home Minister of Telangana, Mahmood Ali, BP Acharya, Director General, MCR HRDIT, Official from Ministry of Defense, A Sridevi, Director (IT) and 63 Group A Officers belonging to Military Engineer Services, from 13 States from across the country were present.