Union Cabinet approves Mission Karmayogi for bringing post-recruitment reforms



Union Minister Prakash Javadekar

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar

The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved Mission Karmayogi, a scheme for bringing post-recruitment reforms in civil services.

Announcing the decision at a media briefing, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said officers and government employees will get an opportunity to improve their performance under the mission.

A council, headed by the prime minister and having chief ministers as members, will approve the civil services capacity building plans under the scheme, he said.

“Today the Union Cabinet under Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to bring this very big, post-recruitment reform, where an opportunity will be given to officers and employees to improve their own performance,” he said.

Prakash Javadekar said this is the biggest human resource development programme in the government.

He said during its last meeting, the Cabinet had approved the setting up of a National Recruitment Agency which was a pre-recruitment reform.

Union Minister of State for Personnel Jitendra Singh said the scheme has been brought about with the intervention of the Prime Minister.

This will help end subjective evaluation, and ensure scientifically-devised, objective and real-time assessment of employees.

“Mission Karmayogi is an endeavour to reincarnate a government servant into an ideal karmayogi to serve the nation by enabling him to be creative, to be constructive, to be pro-active and technically empowered,” he told reporters.

“The endeavour is also to end the culture of working in silos and to overcome the multiplicity of training curriculum which we have because of the institutions spread all over the country, with the introduction of a common platform for the uniform realisation of nation’s vision and of our shared aspiration and our shared future goals,” he said.

This way, Singh said, it will provide a mechanism for continuous capacity building, a constant updating of the talent pool and also provide an equal opportunity of professional as well as personal growth and a stream of self-training for value addition at all levels.

Department of Personnel and Training secretary C Chandramouli said Mission Karmayogi is constituted to build future-ready civil servants with the right attitude, skills and knowledge, aligned to the vision of a “New India”.

It focuses on competency-led capacity building, he said, adding that it seeks to create a new architecture for civil services capacity building.

He said it looks at a new national architecture for civil services capacity building and focuses not only on the individual capacity building but on institutional capacity building and also on process.

In a presentation, he said at present, there is a diverse and fragmented training landscape and there are inconsistencies in training priorities by various training institutions in various ministries which has prevented shared understanding of India”s developmental aspirations.

He said the mission will have a total outlay of Rs 510 crore over a period of five years.