Vice President asks Mining Industry to accord top priority to the safety and life of all workers

RSTV Bureau
Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu presents National Safety Awards (Mines) for the year 2015 & 2016 (Twitter Photo)

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu presents National Safety Awards (Mines) for the year 2015 & 2016 (Twitter Photo)

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu today asserted that the Mining Industry must accord top priority the safety, health, and life of all the workers by developing the “culture of prevention” across the Mining industry in India.

Addressing the gathering after presenting National Safety Awards to winners of National Safety Awards (Mines) for the year 2015 & 2016, he suggested making the mining sector a secure workplace as well as a powerful driver of the growth of the Indian economy by upholding all safety and welfare standards.

“The concepts of “Self-supervision” and ‘duty of care’ should become the keyword for the mining industry in place of the present system of External Supervision,” he added.

The Vice President asked the industry to make good use of technological tools and e-governance for continuous surveillance of workplace hazards in addition to the present system of naked eye & experience. He called for exploring options to achieve the goal of “zero harm”, by eliminating human and skill-based errors in the mining area.

On matters pertaining to effective regulation and monitoring, the Vice President advised synchronizing legislative measures with the emerging new technologies.

Observing that keeping the environment free from pollution was essential for the sustainability of mining industry, the Vice President said that it was thee was an urgent need to provide a better environment to workmen and to local inhabitants in mining areas by improving the ecological conditions.

“It’s my firm belief that mine safety should not remain confined to human-beings, rather it should encompass all living beings and natural ecosystems. It is our duty to protect our environment,” he added.

Stating the Mining sector has contributed towards the development of the Nationa, the Vice President said that the mining sector contributes around 2.6 per cent of our national GDP and provides direct and indirect employment to over 10 million people. (2 million in coal and major metals and 8 million in minor minerals).

Vice President Naidu said that India must further aspire to expand the value chains of its key minerals to leverage these resources for faster economic development and the same time focus more aspects such as Safety, sustainability, and impact on the environment.

Stressing the need to strengthen emergency preparedness of all mines to reduce the damage due to disasters and other incidents, the Vice President asked the mining industry and the government to frequently check the preparedness district administration, rescue services, State Disaster Response Force and others by conducting mock rehearsals at mines.