Vice President calls for innovative solutions to tackle challenges like Rural-Urban divide

SansadTV Bureau
Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu releases ‘A Child of Destiny’, an autobiography by Prof K Ramakrishna Rao

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu releases ‘A Child of Destiny’, an autobiography by Prof K Ramakrishna Rao

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu called for steps to transform Universities into centres for ideation, safe spaces for exploration and experimentation and conducive environments to entrepreneurship.

He asked all educational institutions to nurture and foster the entrepreneurial spirit right from school days.

Addressing the gathering after releasing the book titled ‘A Child of Destiny’, an autobiography penned by Prof K Ramakrishna Rao in Visakhapatnam today, the Vice President called for innovative and home-grown solutions to tackle challenges such as the Rural-Urban divide. He wanted you to set your sights firmly on two keywords when it comes to growth-Sustainability and Inclusion.

He urged all the students to set aside some time for social service and urged them to travel within the nation extensively, especially to the rural areas.

Talking about the need to reap this incredible demographic dividend of the Indian youth population, Vice President Naidu stressed the need to harness the economic potential of this youth population by providing quality education, good health, skilling and decent employment to them.

To achieve this, the Vice President said that one must focus on improving education along the three dimensions- equity, affordability, and quality. He stressed the need to overhaul and democratize the entire education system and design it to match the needs of the 21st Century technology-dependent employment scenario.

He also suggested enhancing investments in education including conducting professional development programs for teachers and make teaching a lucrative profession so that the best minds in the country were attracted to teaching.

Vice President Naidu called for reorienting the education system and enhance the curriculum in terms of incorporating new, emerging trends in the area of higher education. We must also explore new and improved methods of instruction, leveraging the endless possibilities of Information Technology, he added.

Describing Prof K Ramakrishna Rao as a multifaceted genius, the Vice President said that he was a pre-eminent scholar, a dedicated academician, a celebrated author, an accomplished researcher, and Scientist and a steadfast Gandhian.

“His contribution to philosophy and Gandhian thought and the role of parapsychology in human behaviour is truly phenomenal,” he added.