Vice President hits out at Pakistan for misusing NAM forum

RSTV Bureau
Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu address a gathering at the 18th NAM Summit in Baku, Azerbaijan (Twitter Photo)

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu addresses a gathering at the 18th NAM Summit in Baku, Azerbaijan (Twitter Photo)

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu today hit out at Pakistan for misusing the NAM summit “to justify its longstanding policy of conducting cross-border terrorism” against its neighbours.

In his address at the 18th NAM Summit here, Vice President Naidu regretted that Pakistan President had misused the august forum and said “Indeed, we speak for the larger region in terms of this deep concern over Pakistan’s behavior”.

Stressing that Pakistan clearly needed to do much more to earn the confidence of the international community, the Vice President said: “It must decisively abjure terrorism—for its own good, for that of its neighbours and for the good of the world”.

Vice President  Naidu also called for achieving a just, equitable and representative global governance system by reforming the United Nations, including the Security Council to reflect the contemporary realities of the 21 st century.

The Vice President has urged the Non Aligned Movement to re-focus to remain an influential grouping and find solutions to challenges relating to terrorism, global governance reform, sustainable development and South-South cooperation.

He called upon all NAM countries to come together to forge a common front against terror in all its forms as there was no justification for violent extremist ideologies and terrorist actions that maim and murder innocents.

Pointing out that contemporary threats respect no borders, whether it is terrorism, climate change, pandemics, financial crisis or cybersecurity, he said that terrorism was the single most destructive threat, not only to international peace and security but to the very principles we are discussing today. “Their capacity to inflict damage has multiplied with the diffusion of information technology, giving terrorist organizations offensive cyber capabilities”, he added.

Calling for strengthening all international laws and mechanisms to combat terrorists and their enablers, Vice President Naidu said the NAM partners should forge a common front by stepping up inter-agency coordination, exchanging information and strengthening the existing legal framework by endorsing the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism (CCIT), proposed by India in 1996.

Addressing the Historic NAM Summit at Baku, in Azerbaijan, the Vice President said that the interdependent world today was faced with serious challenges. “Globalisation and unprecedented technological advances are shaping the 21 st century in unpredictable and often disruptive ways. As we all strive to ensure inclusive and sustainable growth and a better future for our peoples, we must realize that our destinies are linked like never before”, he added.

Assuring its continued support to the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), India has asked the six decades-old movements to reorient its focus to remain relevant in the context of the challenges of the modern world. India’s views on the role of the NAM in the present times was today articulated by the Vice President

Vice President while addressing the 18th NAM Summit at Baku, Azerbaijan. The theme of the Summit is ‘Upholding Bandung Principles to ensure concerted and adequate response to the challenges of the contemporary world’.

The Vice President said that we must urgently find solutions to the development challenges of bringing health, education, clean energy and jobs to our people, amid a global economy being rapidly transformed by advances in technology. “These common goals can be achieved through a global governance system that is just, equitable and representative and a reformed United Nations”.

Observing that NAM need not position itself for or against any ideology or groups of nations, the Vice President said that “It is important that we do not waste our energies on issues that cause dissonance among us”. The Vice President said that the strength of ‘unity in diversity’ by pursuing a focused, positive, long-term agenda.

Vice President urged NAM to select cross-sectoral challenges and work together to present solutions on issues such as terrorism, global governance reforms, sustainable development and South-South cooperation.

Highlighting India’s development agenda,“through everyone’s support, for everyone’s development and towards everyone's trust”, Vice President  Naidu said that India, as always stands ready to play its part and mentioned how India was partnering with other developing countries in capacity building, implementing development projects and providing humanitarian relief.

He said that India also took a major initiative in establishing the International Solar Alliance to give a boost to renewable energy generation and in setting up the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure The Vice President expressed confidence that NAM grouping with its similar experiences and shared aspirations can certainly be a major force that can shape global responses to challenges as was done in the past.

He also said that India wishes to pursue a positive and forward-looking agenda to ensure a prosperous and secure future for all of us. “We are confident that NAM can play an important role in achieving these shared objectives”, he added.

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu also interacted today with the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, his Vietnamese counterpart, Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh and the President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez on the sidelines of the XVIII NAM Summit in Baku, Azerbaijan today.

During his interaction with the three dignitaries, the Vice President stressed the need to further deepen India’s close relations with Afghanistan, Vietnam and Cuba in all spheres.