Vice President urges everyone to handle Unlock-1 with care and responsibility

SansadTV Bureau
File Photo of Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu (Twitter Photo)

File Photo of Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu (Twitter Photo)

Vice President M Venkiah Naidu today urged all concerned to handle the Unlock-1 announced last night with care and responsibility while consolidating the gains of the corona induced nation-wide lockdown implemented so far. Reaching out to the people in a 500 word message on social media (Facebook), he said that Unlock -1, marking the beginning of the phased withdrawal from lockdown, was the response of the national leadership to the demand of the people from across the country for more space for social and economic activities.

M Venkaiah Naidu noted that life manifests in the dimensions of time and space and the latter is particularly important as it is the seat of social and economic activities that are needed for a quality life and hence, the demand for easing restrictions is justified.

He said; “The journey from lockdown 1.0 to it’s fifth version, also called as Unlock-1, announced last night is a response of the national leadership to this justifiable demand for space from the people of the country. Tomorrow marks a new beginning towards recovering the lost space and to rebound from long confinement, with severely pruned list of prohibited activities and that too only in confinement zones. This rebound, beginning with Unlock-1 should be handled with care and responsibility by all the stakeholders.”

The Vice President observed that relaxations during lockdown 4.0 resulted in the virus infection scaling new peak almost every day since May 18 with corona positives hitting a new daily peak of about 8,000 on the day lockdown 5.0 alongwith Unlock-1 were announced.

“This provided guidance for actions as the nation is set on the course of phased exit from confinement”, he said.

M Venkaiah Naidu noted that the number of people still subjected to restrictions under lockdown 5.0 is very small, as they are applicable to only about 6,000 containment zones with only a few hundred to a few thousand staying in each such zone.

He referred to 130 cr people living in about 7 lakh villages and about 4,500 towns and cities confining themselves to homes for most of the last 68 days since lockdown 1.0 with prohibition of all activities, to keep the virus out. “It (the Unlock-1) is a substantial expansion in the space now available for other people to let their lives express themselves”, M Venkaiah Naidu stressed.

Noting that meaningful living is all about striking a balance following the law of proportion avoiding excesses of any kind, the Vice President stated that “Life needs to be handled with care and this shall apply to our conduct during Unlock-1 as we seek to rebound from the disruption caused by the virus”.

Commending the States for their role in fighting the corona virus so far in harmony with the centre, M Venkaiah Naidu said; “They now have even a bigger role in handling Unlock-1 with enhanced freedom of decision making. Success be ours”.