VP Ansari delivers keynote address at 2nd West Asia Conference in Delhi

RSTV Bureau

VP-Hamid-Ansari-at-RSTV-new-look-launch-event-at-Vigyan-Bhawan,-Jan-10On Tuesday, Vice President Md Hamid Ansari delivered the keynote address at the 2nd West Asia Conference in Delhi, organised by the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA).

While highlighting the major events that took place in the geopolitical landscape of the West Asia, VP Ansari said that the link between the citizen and the state through the mechanism of accountability is critical for domestic cohesion and internal security. But it has not been sufficiently in evidence, he added.

He also said that the situation at the end of 2015 in West Asia was one of total disarray.

“A situation in which regional and global powers together with empowered local groups are engaged in political and military action in half a dozen different battlefields,” said the Vice President in his speech. He further added that the immediate concern of each was to prevail upon its adversary and little thought was given to longer term consequences for the societies in the region.

According to the VP, West Asian states are characterized by the politics of limited association, an essentially broad urban middle class base in which there is coercion or co-option into the state structure.

The Vice President went on to caution that the turbulence in Arab lands was not immune to regional and extra-regional inputs. He added that Bahrain, Libya, Syria and Yemen were subjected to political and or material interventions from across national borders.

The two-day conference on ideology, politics and new security challenges in west Asia began with the keynote address on Tuesday morning.

22 eminent speakers from West Asia , North America, China ,Russia, Korea, and other gulf sates will deliberate on the issues and trends which have emerged in the West Asia in recent times.