Who will conquer the battle of Delhi?

Farooq Anwar

delhi_electionDelhi has always been on the radar of national attention for good and bad reasons. This time Delhi is again under attention for the high profile elections held to elect the 6th assembly of 70 members seats, whose results will be announced soon. Owing to this, the political temperature of Delhi is very high and hectic.

The Assembly elections which were held on 7 February broke the earlier record of voter turnout where Delhiites set new voting records of 67.08 per cent. Higher voter turnout is a healthy sign for a stronger democracy where the youths participated in large numbers to record their concern towards democracy by exercising the franchise.

In the hectic, and much hyped Delhi assembly elections, the “aam” question is that who will conquer Delhi? Will the AAP rewrite their glorious chapter of success by capturing the first slot? Will the BJP which is struggling to taste the power of Delhi continuously for the past 16 years succeed in kissing the power or miss it?

Will the Congress retain their earlier position of 8 seats it had won in 2013 elections or will it witness further decimation? All the political parties are ready with bag and baggage for the political surprise and political compromise.

This election saw a great deal of wars of words between the three top most contenders: AAP, BJP and the Congress. Each of the three star players claim to provide their unique and definite dose of development to Delhi and pledge to care for Delhi and Delhities much more than the others. But the eyes and ears are all set to see who gets elected by the Delhities as a “mukhiya” to run the Delhi.

In this Assembly polls, AAP emerges as the biggest threat for the BJP by sidelining the Congress. The Congress played the poll battle only to save the goodwill and to remain a good and strong enemy for both AAP and the BJP.

This election also matters a lot especially for the AAP, which considered as an underdog, reunited and emerged in the poll battle to challenge the old and bold national party BJP and indirectly PM Modi’s government at the centre.

The BJP placed all its might in this election, which under the name of Narendra Modi, did a stormy election campaign to convince the voters to give a chance to BJP to rule Delhi under the leadership of Kiran Bedi who comes from the family of AAP. In these elections, BJP is also going through internal earthquakes by projecting ‘parachute candidates’ like Bedi as the official nominee for the CM post by sidelining the trusted BJP cadres.

Will the ‘Modi wave’ survive in the Delhi elections or fade away? Will the BJP succeed in seeking the ray of hope under the leadership of Kiran Bedi or not? Will PM Narendra Modi’s famous line at a rally while kicking off Delhi election campaign — ‘Jo desh ka mood hai, wohi dilli ka mood hai’ will be fruitful or seem futile?

The exit polls predict a big win to the AAP government by giving them 48 seats (Today’s Chanakya) and 39 (Mid-point of C-Voter/Times Now survey) which is more than the figure of 28 seats the AAP had got in the last 2013 elections.

If the exit polls prove right, the question then arises that what will happened to the BJP. The political pundits, scholars and psephologists are all keen to see the election results. After defeat what will be the colour of saffron face. Will BJP remain mute on hearing the results or will they honestly accept the mandate of the people by saying that there is no Modi wave in Delhi. Without the actual polling results, it will be a hurry to judge the mood of Delhi and political parties.

The final countdown has begun to answer all the political questions that Delhi, Delhities and the Nation wants to know. So, let’s wait & watch and keep the breath tightened for the elections result and enjoy the festival of democracy in the best democratic manner. Make sure that there is a fight between a good looser and a good winner.