Will get back jobs from India and China: Trump

SansadTV Bureau
File photo of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Photo-AP/PTI

File photo of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said that countries like China and India are taking away jobs from the US and vowed to bring them back for Americans.

Trump made the remarks while predicting that he will earn a “tremendous amount” of support from African-Americans.

“You are seeing the stories when African-American leaders are saying, ‘my people really like Trump’ because I am going to bring jobs back from China, from Mexico, Japan and Vietnam and India…and all these places that are taking our jobs and I’am going to bring back jobs,”

“I’m going to do great with the African-Americans. African-American youth is 58 per cent unemployed. African- Americans in their prime are substantially worse off than the whites in their prime, and it’s a very sad situation,” the 69-year-old said.

Trump is known for being critical of countries like China, Mexico and Japan in many of his speeches, and had last month said India is “doing great” but no one talks about it.

Trump has a number of real estate interests in India.

His remarks on Sunday came after his emphatic victory in the South Carolina primary.

It gave him two wins and one second-place finish in the first three primaries. Trump also predicted that the presidential contest will be between him and Hillary Clinton and they will bring out the “greatest turnout” in US history.

“Frankly, if she (Clinton) gets indicted, that’s the only way she’s going to be stopped. I think it’s going to be Hillary and myself,” Trump said.

” If it’s Hillary against me, that is going to be a tremendous turnout. I am going to win,”

Donald Trump, also a former reality TV star, said he expects to win enough delegates to clinch the Republican nomination before the party’s convention in July.

Trump also laid out his own road map to general election victory, pinpointing two states — Michigan and New York — that he said he would sweep into the Republican column.