Will make Sci & Tech a national priority: PM Modi

SansadTV Bureau

File Photo (PTI)

Ease of doing research is as important as ease of doing business, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said as he reached out to the scientific community promising to cut red tape and sought their cooperation in “transforming” the country.

“As the major source of science and technology, government must do its part. When I speak of ease of doing business in India, I also want to pay equal attention to the ease of doing research and development in India,” Modi, said while inaugurating the 102nd Indian Science Congress.

“We want our scientists and researchers to explore the mysteries of science not of government procedures,” the Prime Minister said, in an apparent reference to the complaints often raised by the scientific community in the country including delays in funding for research and approval process for attending global conferences.

“You will have no better supporter than me. In turn, I seek your help in transforming India,” Modi said as he told the scientific community that their achievements should be celebrated “as much as we rejoice in our success in other areas”.

“We need to put science, technology and innovation at the top of national priorities . . . . Above all, we must restore the pride and prestige of science and scientists in our nation,” the Prime Minister said.

Modi asked the scientists to incorporate traditional local knowledge to develop more appropriate, effective, sustainable and affordable technologies that contribute immensely to development and progress.

He said the arms of science, technology and innovation must reach the poorest, the remotest and the most vulnerable person.

The Prime Minister also said that digital connectivity should become as much a basic right as access to school.